When planning your content for your business social media networks it can be tough to decide between "just-in-time" content vs. "planned" content. "Planned" content is convenient, and becoming a whole lot easier with different media such as Hootsuite or the scheduling feature on Facebook. "Planned" content allows you to preplan what you want to say this week and schedule your posts/tweets to make sure you don't forget to say what you want. And then you can just walk away and forget about it. This can be helpful for certain aspects of creating content, but also very dangerous. You need to be present on your accounts and aware of what is being said to maintain your status on social media sites.

Some things we deal with in regards to "Just-in-Time" social media content includes:
- It has become a challenge to see how fast we can respond and affect real change on our social media sites
- You need to be real with your clients/consumers
       - You are constantly dealing with wild cards (ie. people) and it's both personal and business 
            - You always need to be tracking what is going on and being said to maintain your reputation
       - Audience participation will win them over almost every time 
            - But how can they participate if you aren't really there because you scheduled all your posts and then left?
       - If you respect your consumers and are true to your brand, things will go right with your business
            - People are much less likely to say something bad about you, and if they do still say a negative comment at least you are there to do damage control as quickly as possible, and people will respect that

With this being said, you still need to plan your campaign. Create a target goal and maintain it. It's hard for your brand to execute good realtime marketing when you are scrambling for content. Provide value to your consumers to make it worth their time. 

REMEMBER: Content Marketing is a Process! It takes time, building and infusion into what your already doing to expand your brand. It starts with having conversations and building trust.  YOU ARE NEVER TO LATE! It's a process, and will continue to be a process, so jump on the band wagon, include a mix of "planned" and "just-in-time" content marketing, and have some fun with it! 




It's time for Month Two of building your online presence, helping the marketing scheme for your business. To recall, Month One we focused on listening through a variety of resources. By now you will have picked a couple of favourites that work best for you and your business and should be ready to move on to the second part of building your online presence. 

Now that you have learned some of the information and help your target audience is looking for you might be asking yourself the best way to reach them. But before you can even reach them you need to figure out the best way to communicate with them, and that can be found in the content you provide. Here are some tips to help you build excellent content:
- research key content themes
- create monthly foundation themes
     - find blogs related to each theme
     - use Google Reader to subscribe to a few
- visit Quora and subscribe to any relevant theme topic or RSS Feeds
- explore ways to expand content distribution
- create a Scoop.it account to set up topic pages
- create Google and Bing Webmaster Accounts to start understanding your SEO

Again, I would not suggest trying to use all of these tools. It will be difficult to manage and use them all properly. My suggestion would be similar to last month. Spend some time checking them all out and discover which one will work best for you and your business and focus on that resource. Great content will lead to customers who have readily and easily understood what you are able to provide them, creating less confusion and happier clients.