It's a new year for us, but we haven't quite finished up our Online Presence Blueprint yet. We still have Month 11 and 12 to go. And this month our focus in going to be on Social Advertising. And what is Social Advertising? It is online advertising that can be done to boost your presence through online platforms, such as Facebook Ads. 

But first, let's go over what we have learned in past months to get us here. We started by Listening to our customers and building a Content Foundation. From there we worked on making Sharable content and eBooks. We then turned our focus to Content Delivery, Landing Pages and Email Communicaton. It was at that point that we worked on our presence on Social Media, including our Social Profiles and Social Integration. And just last month we learned about Conversion tools. These were items like Google Analytics that can turn online advertising campaigns into statistics and information we can track and understand. And that leads us to this month, creating those online advertisements through Smart Advertising. And how can you do this?

Step 11: Smart Advertising
- Link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account so you can see and understand how your online marketing is working for you
- Create at least one foundational AdWords campaign 
- Create a Facebook offer for discounted or free content/products

Smart Advertising is all about selling your business online. Last month we had learned how to track results from online advertising campaigns, and this month we want you to get out there and start creating these online campaigns. Again, use what works for you best. But mostly, become aware of the tools you can use to advertise yourself in the online world.