This year I will be attending 9 weddings. Yep, 9 weddings. And I have a strong feeling there will be a number 10 too...but we will wait and see what happens there. That's a lot! So, to say that weddings, presents, dresses, shoes, invites, replies, gifts etc. are on my mind would really only make sense. However, in the technology society I find a lot of things such as wedding invites, responses and even shopping has become significantly easier and faster to do. Here are some ways technology has been intertwined with weddings. 

1- Planning with the Cloud. 
This only makes sense. That way you are always sharing your information and can constantly be up-to-date with plans/changes and have access to them wherever you are.

2- Getting Crafty.
With Pinterest, Etsy and so many more different options you can now research, plan and buy most items for your wedding online and get TONS of crafty ideas for decorating, pictures etc. 

3- Invite Online.
Most people you are going to invite to your wedding are more then likely connected to you on at least one social media network. So why not save some trees and do the invitations and replies right online? (I will say that every invite for the weddings I am attending I have gotten in paper, but 8 of the 9 requested that I email them back with my response. And most bridal shower and bachelorette party invites have been done online as well as the response. So people definitely are leaning towards the convenience and speed of technology for their invites/replies in some way).

4- View from Afar.
What can you do for those people who are just too far or unable to make it to your special day? A lot of people have a videographer at their wedding anyways, so why not take that extra step and live stream it so that everyone you know and love can be a part of your day.

5- Listen to the Music.
With both Google and Spotify you can research and set up a playlist for your dance and not even have to pay for the music if you don't want to. It's cheap and convenient, all you have to do is hit "play" when your ready.

6- The Gift of Getting (and Giving).
It can be a pain for the couple to have to take all their gifts home with them. So why not just send the gift right to their house that way you don't have to worry about it? (I did this for at least one wedding so far this year and it was super convenient for both me and the bride).

7- Pictures from Everywhere.
Now you can not only have your photographer at your wedding, you can have 20 or more. Set up a hashtag on Pinterest, Intagram or Twitter, have your family and friends upload their pictures there, and you will have lots of images of your night from a variety of perspectives.

All these amazing, and yet relatively simple, technological advances make planning and attending a wedding so much easier! Definitely will be taking tips for that special day when I get married! And it makes going to 9 weddings in a year a lot more fun and laidback so that both me as a guest, a Maid of Honour and those brides out there, can just enjoy the day :)