This month our focus for our online presence will be on conversion. Most of this month is going to focus on discovering and tracking how our Social Tools are working for us. 

Let's refresh our minds on what all we have learned and been working on (you can click on any of the highlighted text, taking you back to the blog about each step to learn more in case you missed it or forgot). We have listened to our audience, built a content foundation, made our content sharable, created a point of view eBook, worked on our content delivery, created Landing Pages, begun email communication, updated our Social Profiles and worked on our Social Integration. Now it is time to convert all this energy and efforts into something a bit more concrete that we can see. And how do we do this? 

Month 10: Conversion
- add Google Analytics to your website or social media
- set up goals for your newsletter and eBooks
- create Visual Funnels or Tracked Links for Google URL campaigns (this can often be done with Google Analytics or Bit.ly)
- personalize your content again to ensure you are reaching your audience properly and effectively
- set up UserTesting to get feedback on your site

Doing all this should help you identify your top 3 traffic conversion channels. Again, trying all these methods, or at least researching them so you find out more, is a great first step. Not all conversion methods are going to work for you or your business, so pick a couple to focus on and use them to help you see how your Social Media methods are working for you.