A blog is a free social service that many people do not embrace near as much as they should. It is an outlet that can be fully and completely up to date, fresh and can add insightful perspective to whatever topic you are covering. 

Six Rules for a Healthy Blog

  1. Be a good community citizen.
    • Ensure that what your writing gives credit to the right sources (if any) and link to some friends in your blogs where appropriate
  2. Respond to comments on your space and others quickly.
    • anything over 2 hrs and people will feel neglected and forgotten
  3. Define your level of privacy - know what you're willing to put out there and make sure you respect the privacy of your community as well (their level may be different from yours).
    • always keep in mind your audience and keep their needs ahead of yours. When in doubt, leave it out!
  4. Some people may be just plain rude. If you set up a clear blog policy (and post it on your blog) and people don't respect yours rules, you can delete, ban, or unpublish them.
    • no one likes a Debbie Downer
  5. Embrace the longevity of content. Be aware that everything you create will be online forever. 
    • think of how your mother might respond...or your kids
  6. Be consistent. Start, continue and finish what you started.
    • people respect someone who is consistent and follows things through to the finish


The most important thing to remember though is that your blog should be fun. Creating content - text, audio, video, or images - should be fun. 




Today we continue to build our online presence. To review, month 1 we started listening to our potential clients/customers. Month 2 we started to build a content foundation by researching Key Content Themes so we can create content that is easy to read and understand for our clients. Today, we move on to the sharability of our content. 

You have now discovered the type of information your target audience is searching for and created the best way to design your content so that it is most effectively recieved. Now, we will focus on the best ways to make this information "sharable". A few things you could try this month include:
- supplement your RSS Reader with blogs of interest to your clients
- creat a Buffer Account and share 10-15 good content pieces
- create a list of 2-3 guest bloggers for each foundational topic you write about
- add a sociable plug-in to your blog and web pages
- add sharing and social capabilities to your email marketing
- consider 2-3 newsletter list partners

Test out some of these options. See what works best for you, your company and your clients. Every person is going to respond to your efforts in a different way, but you have already created a relationship with your target audience by listening to them and designing your content foundation with them. So try these new products out, continue to build your online presence and get your business "sharing".