People are beginning to recognize more and more the value of a presence on social media, specifically Facebook. But how do you make this Facebook experience worth both yours and your users time? The more engaged you are on Facebook, the higher you will be ranked. So how do you engage profitably on Facebook?

1- Know your audience. Get to know your followers and help contribute to their sense of COMMUNITY and you will instantly become more popular.

2- BALANCE Facebook with other media. You need to gage your audinece and their "likes" and make sure you are appealing to their interests to keep them coming back for more. If you give them links to other news articles, pictures, websites, etc through Facebook they will keep coming back for the fresh ideas.

3- Provide QUALITY content. Giveaways/Incentives are ok, but making sure you are providing quality content and staying engaged with your users is often enough incentive for them to visit your page.

Community, balance and quality are all key factors to making your Facebook presence useful. Pay attention to your users and give them things to think about, things they like, and they will keep coming back to see what's new. 

- Nadine